The center is equipped with Siemens Magnetom Altea 1,5T MRI machine, which uses the latest updated sequences and software procedures. Modern technology of the MR system provides high image quality, the optimised design ensures comfort for patients weighing up to 250 kg and reduced noise during the examinations.


  • Examinations of the brain of adults and children, including diffusion imaging (DWI), venous Bold application (3D T2 *), isotropic 3D brain imaging with T1 and T2 weighting used for detailed assessment of morphology for pre-operative neuronavigation, fusion with PET and volumetry.
  • Advanced MR brain examination: All perfusion techniques (T2*, T1 and ASL), spectroscopy (SVS, CSI). It allows more accurate diagnostics of brain diseases and pre-operative planning of the most demanding brain surgeries.
  • Full spinal canal imaging by a multi-sequential and multi-position examination.

Musculoskeletal system

  • Special dedicated coils for different body parts with the device’s digital technology allow imaging of lesions of cartilages, tendons, ligaments and bone marrow with unique resolution.

Whole Body Specialist MR

  • Imaging of 200 cm of body in staging oncological diseases and monitoring the effect of treatment effect, also using the whole body diffusion techniques (DWIBS).

Vascular system

  • Non-invasive examination of blood vessels of the brain, neck, chest, abdomen and peripheral areas of the body using non-contrast techniques, 3D CE-MRA and 4D –TRAK.

Abdomen and pelvis

  • Differentiation of focal and diffuse lesions of the liver and the pancreas, MRCP.
  • MR enterography, rectal MR, MR fistulography in the pelvis.
  • Focal lesions of kidneys, adrenal glands and the bladder.
  • Prostate pathology with full diagnostic options (DCE – dynamic contrast enhance, DWI, MRS).
  • Diagnosis of uterus and ovary diseases (developmental anomalies, endometriosis, tumours).
  • Foetal MR, MR of a pregnant woman – prenatal diagnosis of foetus and mother pathology.